About SVS

Strategic Value Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of value improvement services.  Principals and Owners, Korene Robinson and John Robinson created SVS out of a desire to take value consulting services to the next level. John came from the previous partnership of Robinson, Stafford, and Rude, Inc. Both licensed professional engineers, John and Korene bring a combination of knowledge, experience, and abilities unsurpassed in the value consulting industry.

SVS specializes in utilizing the value methodology to help our clients view their programs and projects in a new light. SVS provides professionally-registered, Certified Value Specialist team leaders who also specialize in facilitation.  Our proactive, focused, yet relaxed style of leading teams creates an atmosphere where creativity can flourish. Since we are a firm of CVS team leaders, we rely on consultants, our clients, and many other sources for our value team members. With this approach, SVS combines our understanding of the Value Methodology with the knowledge and experience of some of the top minds in the design and construction industries to form value teams of unparalleled quality. This allows us to tailor our teams to each study’s unique issues and outcome objectives.

SVS prides itself on our track record of producing results far beyond industry standard on every one of our value studies. While we specialize in our ability to analyze a project or program, it is our ability to consistently produce cost savings while preserving or even improving the performance of projects that sustains the repeat business from a majority of our clients. We are able to do this because of our unique approach to value consulting. The “Function Vantage Point” allows our clients and value teams to see The Big Picture while not losing focus of the details. We are a relationship-based company that forms relationships with our clients over the long term and build an understanding of their respective missions, objectives, and constraints. It is only through this understanding that we can produce the viable, useful, and sensitive alternatives for which we are known.

Keys to SVS’ Success:

    • Develop and sustain a dedicated and focused repertoire with each client, no matter how big or small.
    • Results-oriented application of the value methodology that produces cost savings over the life of a project and performance improvements, not just initial cost savings.  We routinely save our clients 10-20% of the project cost and have saved some of our clients as much as 90% while maintaining all functionality of the project.
    • Professionally-registered, Certified Value Specialist team leaders that combine technical knowledge with function-minded creativity to produce results.
    • Team leaders with the necessary facilitation skills to lead large groups, effectively communicate detailed technical alternatives to all project stakeholders, and resolve any conflicts that may arise. We have the ability to develop simple solutions to complex problems.
    • Our collective value methodology experience includes over 1,200 value improvement workshops on a multitude of capital programs, projects, and business processes.