Our Team

SVS’s core team of managing and operating partners offer the most complete value improvement and facilitation services in the consulting industry.  Our ability to define, plan, and execute on value building initiatives for organizations is based in our team’s experience and our vast network of industry expertise.

Korene Robinson, PE, LEED AP, AVS – Principal and Owner

Korene Robinson is a Principal and Owner of Strategic Value Solutions, Inc.  She serves the firm as President.

Korene’s experience with the US Army Corps of Engineers includes Senior Project Engineer/Administrative Contracting Officer overseeing such diverse projects as flood reduction projects, emergency streambank protection, Army Reserve Center work, and environmental restoration projects.  During her tenure with the Corps, she was responsible for a team of QA personnel, office engineer staff, as well as negotiating contracts and modifications to those contracts and was instrumental in resolving several multi-million dollar claims against the Government.

Since leaving the Corps, Korene has been Principal of Strategic Value Solutions, providing Value Engineering services worldwide.  She is Project Manager/Principal-in-charge for many of the indefinite delivery contracts.  In addition to this, she has participated both as a technical team member and cost estimator for Value Engineering studies, as well as, serving as the assistant team leader.   Korene provides technical review and quality assurance for all SVS technical reports.

John Robinson, PE, CVS-Life, FSAVE- Certified Value Specialist and Project Manager

John Robinson is a Principal and Owner of Strategic Value Solutions, Inc.  He serves as an Executive Vice President and Senior Project Manager.

John’s experience includes planning, design, value engineering and construction of public and private capital projects across the Continent.  Over 27 years of his career have been spent participating in and leading value engineering studies.  He has in excess of 500 VE studies to his credit on a very wide range of project types.  His education includes an engineering degree from the University of Missouri at Rolla and advanced training in value engineering.  He is a registered professional engineer and a Certified Value Specialist (the highest level of certification in value engineering).

John’s value engineering study experience on water and wastewater projects includes new plants from a few mgd to 400 mgd, plant expansions and process upgrades, pump stations, pipelines, tunnels, and more.  John’s value engineering study experience on transportation projects includes city streets, state highways, U.S. highways, interstate highways, major urban interchanges, rural highway interchanges, two-lane to eight-lane bridges, railroad bridges, major river crossings, railroads, and airport facilities.  Beyond that, John also brings the experience of a diversity of projects related to flood control, hazardous materials facilities and hazardous waste remediation, a wide variety of military projects, and buildings for schools, health care, correctional facilities, historic restoration, vehicle maintenance, and barracks.  The sizes of these projects and programs that John has conducted VE studies on have ranged from a few hundred thousand dollars in capital costs to as high as $50 billion.

John is also a major contributor to SAVE International®.  He has served multiple times on the SAVE International Board of Directors and has served on numerous committees for the Society.  His most recent service was as President of the organization.  During his term as president, he was instrumental in many enhancements to the organization, including the initiation of a major overhaul of the Value Methodology Standard.  He also led the efforts to create a more global Value Society by establishing and strengthening affiliations with over a dozen value societies in other countries.  After his term as president, John chaired a committee to finalize the updated VM Standard which is the only internationally recognized standard for value engineering.  Currently, John serves on the SAVE International® Certification Board as Chairman.

Kyle Schafersman, PE, CVS – Certified Value Specialist

Kyle Schafersman is a Value Engineering Team Leader and a Project Manager for Strategic Value Solutions, Inc.  He has an in-depth knowledge of the VE methodology and the application of it to many types of construction and design related projects.  He has participated and/or facilitated in excess of 200 VE studies on a wide range of project types.  Before joining SVS, Kyle served as the Value Engineering Program Manager for a major Architectural/Engineering firm with over 50,000 employees.  He has an engineering degree from the University of Kansas.  Kyle was honored by SAVE International as the 2008 recipient of the Rising Star Award “for enthusiasm and embracing of the Value Methodology and demonstration of VM accomplishments within the past five years.”  Kyle is currently serving as the local Chapter President for the value engineering professional society, SAVE International.

Kyle’s value engineering experience includes all aspects of construction and design.  He has worked on major highways, bridges, and interchanges, airports, educational facilities, military installations, barracks and housing buildings, healthcare facilities, government office buildings, courthouses, marine and coastal projects, laboratories, flood control projects, dams and levees, wetlands, ecosystem and river restoration, hydroelectric, water and wastewater facilities, tunnels, and disaster recovery oriented studies.  Kyle has worked for a variety of Federal, State, Local government and private clients.

He has served as the team leader including facilitation of the workshops, pre-, during, and post-study data collection, and report generation.  Kyle’s duties have afforded him a unique perspective on the VE methodology that has led to the development of various facilitation techniques and processes, which stem from the traditional VE methodology.  He has worked with a variety of the top VE team leaders in the world and has borrowed techniques from all of them to make up his own style of leadership that is unique and fits him well.  Kyle has conducted VE studies on projects that ranged in cost from a few hundred thousand dollars in capital costs to several billion dollars.

Ryan Robinson, EIT, CVS – Certified Value Specialist

Ryan 480x640Ryan serves as a Project Manager and Team Leader for SVS. Along with the experience of having led multiple studies, Ryan has served as a project manager, assistant team leader, and project coordinator on numerous value engineering, constructability, risk, and design charrette workshops. He has been responsible for managing and coordinating teams of subject matter experts before and during the workshop, managing the documentation of findings during workshops, and preparation of the study reports. His diversity of project experience ranges from highly secure computing facilities to healthcare to water and wastewater facilities to airfields to highways and bridges. This broad experience has proven advantageous in workshops and yielded exceptional results for studies he has been involved with. Ryan’s high degree of professionalism and his commitment to adding value to projects under study has earned him the respect of his clients. An advocate for value engineering, Ryan is a certified instructor for our value engineering courses.

Bob Rude, PE, PLS, CVS – Life – Certified Value Specialist

Bob Rude’s professional career includes over 40 years of experience in the planning, design, value engineering and construction of public and private capital projects across the continent.  For the past twenty-eight years, he has been devoted to participating in and leading value engineering studies.  His experience includes more than 400 value studies on a very wide range of project types.

Bob’s value engineering study experience includes roads, bridges, water and wastewater facilities, transit facilities, airport facilities, and drainage facilities, as well as buildings for schools, libraries, museums, airports, health care, prisons, vehicle maintenance, barracks, and housing.  His varied project VE experience also includes more unusual projects such as the lead-based paint removal program for several bridges in the City of New York and his pioneering work in the application of VE at the earliest stages of concept planning of capital projects.  The sizes of these projects and programs that Bob has conducted VE studies on have ranged from a few hundred thousand dollars in capital costs to as high as $8 billion.

He is a registered civil engineer, registered professional land surveyor and a Certified Value Specialist – Life Certified (the highest level of certification in value engineering).   This diversity of experience and training ensures that Mr. Rude thoroughly understands the technical aspects of almost any type of project he undertakes.

Robert Prager, PE, CVS – Certified Value Specialist

Robert Prager’s effectiveness as a CVS Team Leader draws in part, on his ability to appreciate the perspective of owners, designers, and other vital stakeholders. Robert discovered Value Methodology in 1993 when he served as a technical team member. Realizing the power of VM, he commissioned a value study on his own company’s engineering processes. That study so improved the performance of his specialty design firm, Intuition & Logic, he began incorporating value planning into his firm’s designs. Over the years he transitioned to Value Team Leader for Strategic Value Solutions.

Robert brings over 35 years of experience as a designer of large civil projects to his Value Management practice. His technical specialty is designing sustainable, constructible, cost-effective water resource projects. Robert’s experience also includes project management, scheduling, cost control and relationship management of stakeholders, regulatory agencies, contractors and clients. Robert is the reviewer for a textbook published by the ASCE Press and has authored over two dozen technical articles in the civil and VM fields. He has designed hundreds of kilometers of successful river and stream stabilization projects and over 20 major reservoirs and dams, several near 30 meters high. His career began with the forensic investigation of a major hydroelectric dam failure and continued with the design of large water resource projects including responsible engineer positions on four hydro-electric and two coal-fired power plants. He was a response engineer for a nuclear power station.

Robert’s VM experience has encompassed a broad array of projects including environmental restoration, water and wastewater, flood reduction and river management, pump stations, pipelines, tunnels, dam safety and rehabilitation, conservation site design, buildings, processes, and security. In transportation, his projects include highways, tollways, airports, waterways, locks, railroads and railheads.

Munsell McPhillips, Ph.D., CVS – Certified Value Specialist

Dr. McPhillips has generated breakthroughs throughout her career and across disciplines as diverse as biomedical engineering, public policy, water resources, ecological restoration, and Value Management. Her award-winning paper, “Revealing Hidden Economic Externalities in Major Project with Value Management” reflects her ability to generate breakthroughs using VM.

Her career began in biomedical engineering where her research focused on creating new materials for artificial organs, treatment of burn wounds and joint replacements. She also developed analytical techniques for rapid detection of trace metabolites of cancer drugs as part of an effort to more rapidly screen promising chemotherapeutic agents.

One of the essential lessons of biomedical engineering is that each element such as a heart valve or knee joint is only a part of a larger whole and must be designed with the function of the entire system in mind. She incorporated this essential Value Management philosophy in all of her endeavors.  In 1988, she was tapped to serve as the science advisor to the Governor of Alabama where she developed technology policy for the state and worked with the National Governor’s Association on national technology issues. She was also the state’s technical liaison with NASA’s Marshal Space Flight Center.

In 1993 she co-founded Intuition & Logic where she and her colleagues applied her design philosophy to pioneer urban river restoration and sustainable flood protection in the Midwestern US. This work was predicated on discovering the underlying problems at the manmade-natural system interface. This allowed the design team to identify the essential functions of flood protection, ecosystem restoration and sustainable economic development for each project and design unique solutions that accomplished those functions. She began participating in Value Engineering projects in various disciplines as a team member in the late 1990s and progressed to leading teams. One focus of her work as a CVS is uncovering and mitigating project externalities.

Don Stafford, PE, CVS-Life, FSAVE, CTM

Don’s career includes more than 45 years of experience in the planning, management, design, value engineering (VE) and construction of public and private capital projects across North America.

For 30+ years, he has been managing and leading value management, value analysis, and value engineering studies. His experience includes more than 350 VE studies on a very wide variety of project types.  Complementing his VE experience is 16 years of additional experience in planning, management, design and construction of civil works projects.

His education includes a degree in civil engineering from Georgia Tech and advanced training in value engineering. He is a registered civil engineer in eight states and a Life-Certified, Certified Value Specialist (the highest level of certification in VE).