SVS’s core team of managing and operating partners offer the most complete value improvement and facilitation services in the consulting industry.  Our ability to define, plan, and execute on value building initiatives for organizations is based in our team’s experience and our vast network of industry expertise.

Korene V. Robinson, PE, LEED AP, VMA

A Principal and Owner of Strategic Value Solutions, Inc., Korene serves the firm as President and is a Senior Project Manager. Her experience in managing large Government contracts, combined with her value training and experience, makes her an invaluable asset for managing the fast-paced, short-fused requirements of the value industry. In addition to her day-to-day activities, she often serves as an Assistant Team Leader and team member bringing her construction and cost es-timating experience to the benefit of the project. Her “boots on the ground” construction experi-ence, as well as her competency in pricing and scheduling of construction activities, makes her an excellent resource. Ms. Robinson is also the Quality Control Manager for SVS.

John L. Robinson, PE, CVS-Life, FSAVE

A Principal and Owner of Strategic Value Solutions, Inc., John serves the firm as an Executive Vice President and Senior Project Manager. John’s experience includes planning, design, value engi-neering, and construction of public and private capital projects across the continent. Over 30 years of his career has been spent participating in and leading value engineering studies, with over 500 VE studies to his credit. He is a registered professional engineer and a Certified Value Specialist (CVS, the highest level of certification in value engineering). John’s value engineering study experi-ence includes projects with water and wastewater, flood control, transportation, hazardous materi-als facilities and remediation, military projects, and buildings. The projects and programs that John has conducted VE studies on have ranged from a few hundred thousand dollars in capital costs to as high as $50 billion. John is past President of SAVE International and Chairman of the SAVE International Certification Board.

Kyle Schafersman, PE, CVS, PMP

As a Professional Engineer and CVS, Kyle brings his expertise in the Value Methodology and engi-neering to his role as a Project Manager and Value Team Leader. He has served as team leader to over 200 VE studies relating to all aspects of construction and design including facilities, transporta-tion, transit, military, power generation, healthcare, water/wastewater, environmental, and disaster recovery orientated studies. Kyle was instrumental in the development and roll out of an entirely new VE program for a major Federal agency. He was honored by SAVE International in 2008 as the recipient of the Rising Star Award “for enthusiasm and embracing of the Value Methodology and demonstration of VM accomplishments within the past five years.” His client portfolio includes USACE, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Department of State, GSA, multiple universities, multiple departments of transportation, multiple public/private utilities, an numerous public works departments. Kyle currently serves as the Chapter Vice President for the MO-KAN-DO chapter of SAVE International.

Ryan Robinson, PE, CVS

Ryan serves as a Project Manager and Team Leader for SVS. Ryan has served as a project manager, CVS team leader, and co-facilitator on numerous value engineering workshops. His project experience includes federal projects, water, heavy civil, transportation, healthcare, energy, and administrative buildings. These workshops have been conducted at all stages of project devel-opment from design charrettes to constructability reviews. This broad experience has proven ad-vantageous in workshops and yielded exceptional results for the studies he has led and managed. He has been responsible for managing and coordinating with teams of subject matter experts, pre-paring subconsultant agreements, coordinating workshop logistics, managing the documentation of findings during workshops, and developing the VE study reports Ryan’s high degree of profes-sionalism and his commitment to adding value to projects under study has earned him the respect of his clients. An advocate for value engineering, Ryan is a certified instructor for our value engi-neering courses and serves on the ASTM subcommittee E06.81. Ryan currently serves as the Chapter President for the MO-KAN-DO chapter of SAVE International.

Bob Rude, PE, PLS, CVS-Life

Bob’s professional career includes over 40 years of experience in the planning, design, value engi-neering, and construction of public and private capital projects across the continent. For the past 30 years, he has been devoted to participating in and leading value engineering studies. His experi-ence includes over 500 value studies on a wide range of project types including roads, bridges, wa-ter and wastewater facilities, transit facilities, airports, drainage facilities, and buildings. His varied VE experience also includes more unusual projects such as the lead-based paint removal program for several bridges in the City of New York and his pioneering work in the application of VE at the earli-est stages of conceptual planning of capital projects. Bob has conducted VE studies on projects and programs ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars in capital costs to as high as $8 billion. Bob is a registered civil engineer, retired professional land surveyor, and a CVS.

Don H. Stafford, PE, CVS-Life, FSAVE, CTM

For over 30 years, Don has managed and led value management, value analysis, and value engi-neering studies. His experience includes more than 350 VE studies on a wide variety of projects in-cluding roads and bridges, schools, libraries, healthcare facilities, laboratories, TV broadcast sta-tions, barracks, and missile maintenance facilities. Don has a particular expertise in water, wastewater, drainage, and large pipeline projects. Complementing his VE experience is 16 years of additional experience in planning, management, design and construction of civil works projects. Value studies led by Don have averaged owner-accepted savings in excess of four times the VE industry average. Don is also an in demand VE process instructor and has taught numerous courses in value engineering for both public and private sector organizations across the U.S. and Canada. Don is a registered civil engineer in eight states and a Life-Certified, Certified Value Specialist.

Jared Robinson, CVS, LEED GA

Jared is a Project Manager and Value Team Leader with SVS. Since joining the company in Janu-ary 2018, he has participated in over 60 value studies at nearly every stage of development from early planning to late-stage design. His diverse project experience includes a secure training facili-ty, judicial center, coastal resiliency plan, and personnel staging facilities, as well as military mainte-nance and housing facilities. He has also participated in large capital construction projects includ-ing municipal water pipelines, large tunneling projects for water and mass transit, and flood risk re-duction. The scale of these projects has ranged from a few million dollars to over a billion dollars in project cost. Jared also has experience using the value methodology tools in organizational changes. Jared’s ability to quickly assess project drivers and to discern the true functional require-ments, coupled with his natural leadership abilities, drive his teams to deliver results that exceed cli-ents’ expectations.

Robert Prager, PE, CVS

Robert is a professional geotechnical engineer and serves as a Team Leader with over 40 years of experience in value engineering, planning, design, construction, and management. His experience as a value specialist covers a wide variety of projects including environmental restoration, river res-toration and management, dam safety and rehabilitation, levees, dredging and beneficial use of dredge waste, conservation site design, flood reduction, pipelines, tunnels, pump stations, water supply, wastewater systems, highways, toll ways, airports, railroads and railheads, company organi-zation, and processes.

Tabi Deas, CVS

Tabi is an experienced value engineering Team Leader with SVS. She has been involved in a variety of major water/wastewater conveyance infrastructure construction projects for municipalities across North America. Over the past 7 years, Tabi’s VE experience includes water and wastewater treatment; pipelines and tunnels; pump and lift stations, storage and treatment facilities; stormwater treatment and drainage facilities; transpor-tation and aviation projects; military projects, land development and master planned communities; construc-tability and design/build reviews, automation strategies as well as quality assurance and value engineering studies on both new construction and rehabilitation projects. Ms. Deas is an active member in SAVE and cur-rently serves as Secretary in the Central Florida Chapter of SAVE.

Megan Stachowiak, PMI-RMP, VMA

Megan serves as a Project Manager, Risk Specialist, and Team Leader for SVS. She has over 20 years of experi-ence in engineering, project, and risk management. Megan has participated in a diverse range of value engi-neering studies including military, heavy civil, water, programmatic, and transportation projects. Over the course of these studies, she has applied the Value Methodology at a variety of project design levels from con-ceptual design to constructability reviews at 100% design. Megan has extensive experience managing and coordinating teams of multi-disciplinary subject matter experts for engineering programs and participating in quality assurance program and nuclear power plant in-service testing program audits. Megan has practical risk management experience in multiple industries, including value engineering and risk management consult-ing, federal government professional support services consulting, and engineering science and technology solutions consulting. Megan currently serves as the South Central Region Manager for SAVE International.

Tyler Clark, PE, CVS

Tyler serves as a Project Manager and Team Leader for SVS. Since joining SVS in May 2018, Tyler has participat-ed on over 20 value engineering studies with diverse industry exposure ranging from military, wastewater, civil works, environmental rehabilitation, healthcare, and transportation projects. Over the course of these studies, he has applied the Value Methodology at a variety of project design levels from conceptual design to con-structability reviews at 100% design. Tyler has extensive career experience in coordinating and managing complex projects with multidisciplinary teams and demanding federal stakeholders. As a Professional Engineer, Tyler works closely with clients and subject matter experts to provide exceptional technical expertise and value that is tailored to address project objectives and pain points.

Cordell M. Kirk, PMP, CCM, VMA

Cordell joined SVS in May 2019 as a Senior Project Manager responsible for managing all aspects of value engi-neering, constructability and risk workshops. As a Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Conti-nuity Manager (CCM), Cordell has a proven track record and over 30 years’ experience leading high visibility, large scale, time sensitive projects. He has given back to the project management community by sharing his expertise as a conference speaker and writing articles for various trade journals. In addition to his PM acumen, Cordell has extensive private sector business operations experience having worked as a risk manager, senior business analyst and purchasing manager. Cordell’s client focus, attention to detail, and passion for seeing projects through to completion are assets to the SVS team. Cordell earned his VMA certification in December 2019 and is currently working toward becoming a Certified Value Specialist and Risk Management Professional.