Business Process

In today’s environment of growing capital project demands and escalating costs, traditional value analysis can be an essential cost control tool for project design and construction. It is the most effective tool proven to achieve the required functions at minimum cost, without sacrificing needed quality. Value analysis for business processes recognizes that money is a precious resource that must be considered as carefully as the technical viability of a project, and subscribes to the axiom that two (or more) heads are better than one to come up with the right solution. Its strength comes from the varied experiences, perspectives, and interactive dynamics of expert teams drawn from diverse fields, and the use of intended function as the criterion for evaluating designs. Our unique Value Analysis process combined with our operational expertise combined and our experience in working with personnel at every level of an organization sets us apart from any business process consulting practice available. Our record can be found in our results:

File Management Network Reorganization

SVS assembled a team to develop recommendations for changes to the management and logistics system of legal file hard copies for a large municipal records and information department. The study was focused on making the processes more efficient and effective. The existing system was a large network of ten buildings, racks of files in each buildings and a transit system of vans to carry and organize a 20-year library of records of all public legal proceedings for the city. With limited information, the team was able to plan and organize a more effective system for using existing space and create a more efficient manner for dealing with logistical and organizational data management issues. The team was able to condense operations to eight of the ten buildings and reduce the number of trips between buildings significantly. Project cost savings were 10% while the real value was in time efficiencies and reduction of misplaced files.

CPI Workshop

Value Engineering (VE) and Continuous Performance Improvement (CPI) are methodologies that have been specifically designed to maximize value through greater efficiencies and effectiveness in the DoD community. However, the lack of a coordinated and synergistic relation between these programs and initiatives has resulted in unrealized opportunities for value improvement.

A Value Study was conducted with the goal of determining if representatives from the VE and CPI communities believed there was any benefit to DoD in developing a closer partnership between these two methodologies.

From the Value Team’s institutional knowledge of how these methodologies are being used and what they are capable of achieving, the workshop concluded that DoD should capitalize on the inherent capabilities and organizational infrastructure by collaborating these tools and aligning goals with strategic initiatives. Due to the unique strengths and applications of each methodology and the differences in authorities, it would be detrimental to the ultimate goals to actually combine the VE program and CPI initiative. However, by fostering a synergistic relationship between these methodologies, DoD will capture more financial and non-financial benefits for even greater efficiency and effectiveness. The Value Team provided an action plan as an aid to help ‘make this happen’ for consideration by DoD going forward.