Hospital Expansion Program

This hospital expansion is a long-term healthcare project to renew and transform the medical center campus over the next ten years creating an environment and experience for patients that matches the excellence in medical care. The first phase of the project consolidates obstetrics and gynecological services by relocating them and accommodating in an expanded children’s hospital.

expoansion hoispitalMajor improvements of the ten-year project include open and public areas; parking to include additional parking spaces; transportation clarity with clear pedestrian paths connecting north-south and east-west movements and improved patient/family/visitors arrival and departure; improvement to the aesthetic quality of the campus; and consolidated and relocated service traffic on the entire campus. Due to the vast nature of this project, multiple studies were conducted at different stages in project development. The first, second, and third Value Studies identified major improvements that resulted in approximately 15%, 15%, and 5% savings of the construction cost, respectively.

Metropolitan Hospital Center, New York

metro hospital 2Under a City mandate of 30 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in City-owned properties by 2017, the New York Power Authority (NYPA) performed a comprehensive energy audit of the HVAC, central plant, and electrical systems of the Metropolitan Hospital Center campus comprising over 1 million square feet of floor area.

metro hospital 1

This value study reviewed the proposed energy conservation measures (ECMs) of lighting upgrades, enterprise building control management system, complete boiler replacement including fuel tank replacement, photovoltaic panels, and other measures to meet the mandated reduction in emissions and to enhance the reliability of the hospital systems, as well as increase the comfort and safety of building occupants.  The study resulted in recommendations that improved the staging and constructability of the project as well as alternatives for contract packaging.

Dental Clinic

dental clinicA three day value workshop was performed on a new 48,000 sf dental clinic to be constructed at a military installation in the midwest. The new facility will have 30 dental treatment rooms to support approximately 150 dental visits per day. The facility will follow all of the installation’s design criteria as well as closely follow specific guidelines outlined by the Health Facilities Planning Agency (HFPA). The value team focused on construction schedule and cost implications in an effort to identify any areas where requests in the scope of the Design Build RFP could be misinterpreted or in conflict with project requirements.  Nearly 80% of the value team’s recommended alternatives were accepted by the project design team and implemented into the RFP which will result in reduced construction costs and help reduce the potential for future contract modifications or change orders during construction.

 Research Laboratory

This LEED Silver project includes construction of a 279,000 sf multistory research laboratory plus an adjacent 55,000 sf central utility plant on approximately 33 acres. The laboratory facility includes wet labs, field labs, lab offices, ancillary spaces, logistics, and building support spaces. Supporting facilities include site utilities, storm drainage, access roads, parking, and site improvements. Unique project features include a large vivarium, a membrane bio-reactor system, and a 25,500 sf green roof. The existing research facilities will be re-purposed and/or demolished.

researchThe Value Team recommended ideas for alternative superstructure designs, alternative HVAC approaches, alternative methods of transferring and processing sanitary waste, and more cost effective floor coverings in labs and warehouse areas.

 Seismic Corrections Phase III

This project is to perform a major seismic rehabilitation of some buildings on the historic north side of the Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System Campus, to provide much needed state of the art laboratory facilities.  The program relocates 115,000 square feet of wet bench laboratories, research labs, research support space, offices, classroom space, and conference areas.  The team recommended ideas that addressed constructability concerns due to the desire to remain occupied, construction phasing, contract packaging, and design optimization.

 West LA Healthcare Center

SVS conducted multiple studies on this project to address the seismic performance designation of “exceptionally high” risk on a building located in the west Los Angeles area.  The project replaces a seismically deficient building with a new 1.36 million square foot acute care hospital and clinical building that meets current seismic standards and an expanded medical program.  The project includes seismic and infrastructure improvements to the site and central utility plant, and a new parking structure.  Some of the more unique aspects of this project included the construction phasing, the siting of the new facility on an already cramped campus, and constructing the new facility while maintaining and mitigating disruption to operations.

 Hospital Replacement VBA Medical Center Building

SVS facilitated a 5-day VE Study.  This project will acquire land and construct an approximately 900,000 SF state-of-the art, patient centered, energy efficient medical facility.  Sitting on a 34 acre site, the new facility will not only provide 104 beds with clinics specializing in primary care, surgery, and mental health, but will also consist of a laundry, a central energy/utility plant, parking structures, and a regional office at the new site.  The project includes a total of approximately 1,200,000 SF of new construction.  SVS provided the CVS team leadership, workshop administration, and 20 subject matter experts for this study that was conducted in three parallel workshops focusing on: architecture and structural for the buildings; MEP for the buildings, the central utility plant, and laundry; and site development and parking garages.