Marine & Coastal

Post-Katrina Hurricane Protection

As part of the initiative to protect the Gulf Coast from damage such as that experiencedlevee enlargement mississippi during Hurricane Katrina, an existing levee near Atchafalaya, MS was to be enlarged that to address concerns regarding stability and to accommodate barge and other marine traffic, and public access. The project was significantly over budget and the value team offered recommendations to reduce the project cost by nearly 50%.

 Houston Shipping Channel

houston shipping channelThe ship channel dredged material maintenance plan is mandated as storage capacity for the placement areas along various dredge reaches within the channel are reaching their maximum storage capacity.  The client had identified various opportunities to enhance the storage capacity of several placement areas; however, this VE effort was commissioned to further explore other opportunities to assist in strengthening levee foundations, exploring other placement area sites, or disposition of the dredged material.

Dredging Placement Area Expansion

This fast track project to provide additional capacity in disposal areas for dredge spoil excavated from a major shipping channel. Capacity was developed by efficiently connecting the existing placement areas and developing beneficial use areas. The team recommended changing levee alignments to achieve a potential cost reduction of 29%. Moreover, the team also recommended changes to construction methods yielding substantive value improvements in the storage capacity of the placement areas and simultaneously improving the diversity and sustainability of the intertidal marsh habitat in the beneficial use areas. The team’s recommendations decreased the project’s risk in the uncertainty associated with soft foundations.

Navy Pier

The U.S. Navy is building a new pier structure that will have over 100,000 cubic yards of concrete and is expected to be completed in 2013. The structure is being designed and built to a required service life of 75 years without major restoration activities.

Results of the value team efforts during a design charrette workshop yielded eighteen (18) value alternatives which the key stakeholders accepted and the design team incorporated into the final concept resulting in over $10 million implemented savings.