Current Economic Environment

The ailing state of much of the U.S. infrastructure has emerged as a hot topic of political debate and business speculation.  In January 2009, a new administration assumed office on a promise, among other things, to help revive the country’s lagging economy with the largest public works program since the 1950’s, focused on rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure.

As a result, the capital projects sector is headed for a confluence of forces and events that presents unprecedented opportunity.

Key among the prevailing trends and drivers are:

  • Speed and certainty in bid response and project execution
  • Availability of critical skills
  • Commitment to Public-Private Partnership models

In order to maximize returns from this unparalleled infusion of capital investment, government agencies must find ways to accelerate the planning, design, and construction process, by early engagement of the requisite subject matter expertise, and proactive development of risk-sharing partnerships with industry.  A thorough, objective review of requirements suitability, cost estimating rationale, and schedule realism can go a long way on a constrained budget toward assuring that project goals are affordable and achievable.

Over the past 25 years, SVS has had an extraordinary track record in assisting municipal finance functions, operations managers, and contractor teams to organize and accelerate projects toward timely and successful projects.

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