Project Name: Arlington National Cemetery Southern Expansion

Project Location: Arlington, VA

Project Type: Site Expansion

Services Provided: Value Engineering

Project Description: The Arlington National Cemetery Southern Expansion Project is an integrated design project with far-reaching impacts and interrelated projects. The Southern Expansion will be a transformative project that will seamlessly extend the cemetery, expand the federal city, and create a monumental corridor linking the community and significant monuments and memorials commemorating sacrifice. There are currently two projects that will be a part of this expansion. This first is a realignment of Columbia Pike; this is considered the Defense Access Road (DAR) Project. It is a DoD funded roadway and utility realignment project being led by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The second is an expansion of the Arlington National Cemetery (ANC). The Columbia Pike realignment will be a separately funded project but will accommodate the expansion of the Arlington National Cemetery.

Workshop Results: Following the six-step methodology of a value engineering workshop, the Value Team successfully generated over 100 creative ideas. Of these creative ideas, 17 were further developed as value alternatives and another 13 were developed as design suggestions. These value alternatives and design suggestions presented an optimum recommended cost savings of approximately $48,000,000.