Project Name: Test Cell 9 Renovation

Project Location: Tinker Air Force Base, OK

Project Type: Laboratory – Military Facilities - Vehicle Maintenance Facilities - Airport Facilities

Services Provided: Value Engineering, Risk

Project Summary: This project will renovate the aircraft engine test cells and support areas. The renovations that are required within this project primarily consist of the upgrade, refurbishment or replacement of the augmenter tubes, exhaust house silencer systems, inlet airflow, airflow screen, aerial work platforms, and concrete slabs and structure. The overall objective of this project is to provide the user a state of the art test cell facility that is capable of providing a safe and reliable system that limits cell downtime and be able to test the following engines: F110, F118, F108-100, F108-200, F101, TF33-102C, TF33-103, TF33-P100, T33-P11, AE3007, F117, and CF6-80.

Project Cost: $15 Million

Recommended Savings: $4,224,000

ROI: 7,812%

Project Size: 1,800 sf