Project Name: Flood Protection at Industrial Park

Project Location: Kansas City, MO

Project Type: Flood Protection

Services Provided: Value Engineering

Project Summary: The Dodson Industrial District is a unique mix of industrial, commercial, and retail businesses in the southeast area of Kansas City, MO. It may be the oldest, organized district in the City, dating back well before World War II. The Blue River, generally, is the southern boundary of the district. At one point, the oxbow of the river was cut off, diverting the river to its present course, leading the City to establish a landfill site in the former oxbow.
Due to the excessive and sudden flooding associated with this area, the US Army Corps of Engineers along with the City of Kansas City began a four-phase construction program to build over a mile of levee and floodwall system to reduce the flooding risk for this area. This levee is intended to provide 500-year protection for the industrial complex, allowing the businesses to qualify for flood insurance.

Workshop Results: The value team provided a solution that would achieve a positive seepage cutoff and reduce the large volume of excavation and disposal cost associated with removing this buried material, the Value Team recommended the use of a slurry cutoff wall that would improve the seepage control and minimize the required excavation.
Additionally, the Value team provided solutions that would avoid the gravity sewer in the toe of the levee and protect the water main levels. Ultimately, SVS achieved over 70% implemented cost savings on this study.