Project Name: Manhattan Flood Damage Reduction

Project Location: Manhattan, KS

Project Type: Flood Control

Services Provided: Value Engineering

Project Summary: SVS facilitated a 4-day value engineering workshop for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District on approximately 14,600 feet of levee raises, underseepage control measures including 13 relief wells and 7,100 linear feet of underseepage control berms, replacement of 5 existing drainage structures, construction of two new closure structures, and numerous utility relocations. The long-term risk of a damaging flood over a 50-year period would be less than 1 in 6, compared to a current 50-year risk of approximately 1 in 2.

The Value workshop focused on draining the interior in non-flood conditions, reducing the flood fight during an event, repairing the existing gate wells, sinking a new vertical shaft to intercept the existing pipe, using an inclined drain along the face of the levee, using a trapezoidal toe drain, using a pipe drain system, using a homogeneous embankment, adding additional drainage capacity under a bridge, installing turnouts and ramps at transitions, and using pervious pavers.

This project had a total construction cost estimate of approximately $24,000,000. During the workshop, 84 ideas were identified to improve this project. The team developed 11 of these into Value Alternatives as well as 2 additional design suggestions. The proposed VE savings were approximately $4,878,000 in first cost.

Project Cost: $23,507,604

Recommended Savings: $4,878,000

Project Size: 14,000 LF (levee)