Project Name: Spanish Fork-Santaquin Pipeline

Project Location: Mapleton, UT

Project Type: Pipeline

Services Provided: Value Engineering

The Spanish Fork-Santaquin Pipeline is a subcomponent of the Utah Lake Drainage Basin Water Delivery System that conveys water from Strawberry Reservoir in the Uinta Basin to cities along the Wasatch Front in the Great Basin for municipal use.  The Spanish Fork-Santaquin Pipeline has a static pressure head of approximately 750 feet and will deliver water for city and town outdoor secondary water systems in south Utah County.

There were two Value Engineering Studies conducted on the Spanish Fork-Santaquin Pipeline. The first of which was conducted regarding the Spanish Fork Reach and the second concerned the Payson Spring Lake Reach.

The Spanish Fork Reach is the first segment of the Spanish Fork-Santaquin Pipeline project.  This segment is an 8,520-foot-long pipeline extending from the Utah Lake Drainage Basin Water Delivery System (ULS) Isolation Valve/Flushing Station on US 89 Highway to the Spanish Fork River.  The pipeline consists of 6,560 feet of 60-inch diameter welded steel pipe (WSP) and 1,960 feet of 54” WSP.  The alignment includes two tunnels, one 114-foot-long and one 240-foot-long using a 78-inch diameter welded steel casing to accommodate two crossings of the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) and the crossing of US Highway 6 (US 6).  Generally, the alignment follows local streets in Spanish Fork City.

The construction work for the 4-mile Payson Spring Lake Reach of the Spanish Fork-Santaquin Pipeline consists of furnishing and installing approximately 19,800-feet of 60-inch steel pipeline with welded joints, mortar lining, tape and mortar coating, three drains and two manway structures. The project also includes utility relocations, utility improvements, street restoration, and asphalt milling and overlays in Payson City and Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) roadways.

With an understanding of the functional requirements, the VE Team transitioned to the Creative Phase of the workshop and brainstormed on all of the possible ways to accomplish each of those functions.  Concluding the first of the two VE Studies, the VE Team generated 65 ideas for potential changes to the current design of the Spanish Fork Reach segment of the pipeline. The Payson Spring Lake Reach VE Study led to the generation of 58 ideas for potential changes to the current 60% design.