Project Name: Westchester Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation

Project Location: Manhattan, NY

Project Type: Transportation

Services Provided: Value Engineering

Project Summary: This $30+ million project includes replacement of damaged steel girders, including the fascia girder under Westchester Avenue Bridge over Hutchinson River Parkway, reconstruction of the bridge deck, approaches, and sidewalks, along with replacement of two water mains.  In addition, Hutchinson River Parkway is to be lowered 2.5 feet. This work includes reconstruction of the Parkway for approximately 1600 feet to the north and south of the centerline of the Bridge, reconstruction of the existing drainage system for the roadway, and construction of a new concrete retaining wall south of the Westchester Avenue Bridge. The low clearance on the bridge has resulted in the girders being damaged from impacts with oversized vehicles, namely trucks, even though trucks are not permitted on the Parkway.

Workshop Results: The team generated 163 ideas for potential changes to the current design. Based on the team members’ professional judgment 20 of these ideas were selected for development into Value Alternatives and developed 15 ideas into design suggestions.