Public Buildings

Fish Hatchery

This 4,500 square foot interpretive center lies on the banks of the Mississippi River. The fish hatcherystructure houses museum quality artifacts, a large aquarium, and an enclosed mezzanine observation area.  The facility has a three-fold purpose of interpreting history, culture, and conservation and is designed to LEED Silver standards. Additionally, the design elevation of the major exhibit space was well below that of the 100-year floodplain. The study resulted in alternatives focused on more efficient use of the constrained site, security, and wayfinding.

 Relocation of the United States Consulate

An existing US consulate overseas is in need of relocation for various reasons. To achieve this objective, a new lease space must be fit-out for the new US consulate tenants. This project relocated the program functions to an existing building comprised of a large center open Atrium with multiple individual tenants located off the Atrium on each floor. The fit-out facility was originally constructed approximately 300 years ago. In 2002 the building underwent an extensive renovation to convert the existing facility into a shopping mall. The fit-out will occur on approximately half of the second floor and the entire fourth floor to include the Community Liaison Office, Heath Unit, Mail Room, and Information Resource Management (IRM), and more. The study resulted in approximately 20% savings on the construction cost.

United States Courthouse Renovation and Historic Restoration

Value study on the proposed $8 million renovation and historic restoration of a 1930’s Federal courthouse.  The renovation will realign various court functions, increase security, and add two new courtrooms.  The historic restoration focused on the ornate ceiling and light fixtures.  In addition, this project will add a new underground parking structure to include security measures for the U.S. Marshall.  The study resulted in changes that improved functionality at a reduced capital and operational cost while maintaining the required atmosphere and purpose of the federal facility. SVS led the value team consisting of the tenant agencies, design team, GSA project team, construction management team, and GSA maintenance staff through development of over $3.7 million in savings.

Skyscraper Maintenance Structure

The goal of this value planning study was to identify alternatives for a building maintenance structure to perform the required performance functions for the life of the building, and at a reasonable cost.  The structure that had been installed on one of the tallest towers in Seattle, WA was not functional and required a retrofit.  The value team was to find one option out of six alternatives that would meet the challenge of constructability, structural feasibility as well as address all the present and future needs of building maintenance, and to determine the necessary costs to build and maintain the system.  The project budget had not been established and part of the study was to determine the should-cost of the project.  The team was able to clearly identify the best option and assign costs to the life cycle of the system.

Museum of the US Army

SVS facilitated the Museum stakeholders through a strategic planning workshop for the National Museum of the US Army.  This workshop developed a project management plan and obtained consensus from the Project Team members on the functional program elements.  The Project Management Plan consisted of a resource management plan, communications management plan, and risk management plan.  The resource management plan aided the team in understanding the team’s organization, roles and responsibilities, and decision-making process.  The communications plan developed rules and guidelines to improve the performance of the team and to prevent the overload of email and other communications.  The risk management plan provided an approach for managing the uncertainties in the project.  This study also conducted a program review with the architect engineer and created a list of action items.

High School Renovation

This Value Study reviewed the proposed renovation of three buildings in Asia. The key focus of the study was on critical life safety items and seismic and antiterrorism/force improvements along with associated site improvements to maximize on-site parking.

United States Courthouse

This new 189,000 SF United States Courthouse is being located on the south side of the river just blocks from the state capitol. The “L” shaped building opens to the public plaza in the front of the building. The four story building is to be constructed of precast concrete panels with Jelimestone facing. The floors are cast-in-place concrete slab supported by module pan beams. The base of the building (lower level) is to be constructed of rusticated granite. The building front is a curved façade flanked by 13 piers that extend from the base of the building to the tapered cornice. A roof garden is to be constructed on Level 3, so that it can be viewed from the Level 3 waiting areas.

The value team recommended value alternatives resulting in $1.5 million implemented savings and an additional $2 million potential savings still pending as of this writing.