Value Studies

Most would agree that the fundamental purpose of management is to make the product or service more valuable.  Analyzing, planning, and managing value growth is an involved process and it requires intense focus on the functions and resources that drive the value creating potential of an organization.  SVS focuses the attention and expertise of cross-functional teams on creating and developing “best value” recommendations. These value improvement initiatives in turn help to focus organizational resources on maximizing the impact and minimizing the cost of performing key value-creating functions.

Commonly called value analysis, SVS value studies are performed in a workshop environment. Recommendations developed in our studies include analysis of combined capital and annual cost impacts to ensure the best value for money expended. They routinely address issues such as operability, maintainability, operations, security and safety, environmental impact, staffing, aesthetics, impact on neighbors and public and political acceptance.

Our value studies follow a facilitated six-step creative thought process depicted below, focused on distilling complex problems to their essential elements, and developing solution scenarios aimed at determining the best value model, supported by economic analysis and metrics. A value report is then generated which documents our recommendations for optimizing the client’s return on investment in the project. SVS Value studies meet SAVE International Standard requirements and all federal requirements.


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