Virtual Workshops

Due to the unprecedented events facing the world today by the COVID-19 virus, it has been necessary to change our normal practices to adapt to the current restrictions and to comply with CDC, Agency, and local mandates. Consequently, we are employing a set of procedures for conducting workshops in a fully virtual format. While we certainly believe there is no substitute for an in-person workshop, we also understand that neither our clients, nor SVS, can stop all work until this virus subsides and social restrictions have been lifted.

As you know, SVS takes immense pride in delivering high quality value engineering, constructability, and risk workshops for our clients, and we will continue to maintain our industry leading performance in the virtual working environment.


SVS has the technological skills and experience necessary to conduct a successful virtual workshop. Working with remote team members in a virtual setting is not new to the SVS Team. We have been holding an internal virtual meeting weekly for ten years, and we have evolved through multiple technology platforms for communications. We have used the WebEx online meeting platform for ten years. Over the past several months we have migrated to Microsoft Teams which we believe is a more efficient and user-friendly platform for video conferencing, screen sharing, as well as file sharing and collaboration. Over the years, SVS has remained current with online meeting technology, and in many cases on the cutting edge, of software trends in the industry, so we are fully prepared to leverage our technological capabilities to execute your workshop needs in a virtual environment.