Infrastructure Investment Challenge

Value Management, Value Engineering, Value ConsultationThe scale and complexity of rebuilding, maintaining, and operating the nation’s infrastructure, and the universal inability of government agencies to fund the needed projects, have given rise to a new financing model merging public and private investment interests. Such Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) alliances in turn present new challenges to the entire infrastructure community of municipal officials, private investors/developers, traditional design/build contractors, and facility and operations managers. In order to launch its bold initiative into this complex environment, investors must ensure efficient integration and alignment of all stakeholders’ interests to achieve a successful outcome. In addition, a highly disciplined approach is required to:

  • Identify and prioritize project opportunities
  • Perform due diligence on the project’s value potential
  • Develop risk management strategies
  • Organize and execute project plans
  • Manage project delivery on schedule and within budget, and
  • Ensure project performance to maximize return on investment

SVS created our Value Actualization™ program to merge our proprietary process for creating value opportunities within traditionally public funded infrastructure projects with the growing private investment space.  As a niche leader in assessing and integrating the critical components of project value planning such as program requirements, schedule realism, and budgetary constraints, SVS will use our Value Actualization™ approach to ensure your firm realizes its investment objectives.

SVS has the industry expertise and functional capability to assist you in meeting the infrastructure investment challenge. Through our vast industry network we can help identify project opportunities and assemble teaming partners. Our proprietary structured methodology is designed to assess the value creation potential of candidate projects and optimize project solutions for size-able returns. Our program management and integration capabilities can readily complement your team’s resources where needed, especially in the highly competitive infrastructure investment sector.

Our Value Actualization™ and Integration services help both public and private sector clients to define and validate project “should cost” financials, as well as to create and execute strategies for improving functionality, minimizing risk, and maximizing return on investment. Over the past twenty years, our integrated solutions have reliably delivered best value to our clients on hundreds of infrastructure projects, often achieving initial budget reductions of over 20%, exceptional precision in execution of schedules, and consistent 100-to-1 returns on our clients’ investment in our value services.

Our approach is to not only identify the value enriching opportunities for our clients’ infrastructure investments but to also facilitate the integration of those opportunities so that they actually realize the value returns from these investments.

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