Resource Integration

Execution of large scale, complex infrastructure projects requires the utmost in collaboration and integration of numerous skilled resources with diverse operational expertise, each of whom brings a unique perspective and understanding of what constitutes project success.

A traditional approach to addressing this integration challenge is to hire a consultant engineering firm with the prescribed technical expertise to assist the project management team in the planning, launch, and execution of the project. Oftentimes the result is a project plan with a distinct bias to the specific business interests of the contractor hired to integrate. Predictably, for the engineering practitioner, every problem has an engineering solution, and such critical integration risks as program requirements, schedule realism, and budgetary constraints, do not receive sufficient attention to mitigate their potential impact.

Resource Integration is an integral component of the SVS Value Actualization™ process. Key to the effectiveness of our Value Studies is assembling the right team of experts and harmonizing their valuable but disparate inputs into a totally integrated solution. Our approach is designed to maximize the contribution of each Value Study team member through the power of our workshop methodology:

  • Source and qualify appropriate subject matter experts for the project issues under study
  • Focus each expert’s input on the project’s key performance indicators and success criteria
  • Leverage their effort and creativity and dollars spent against the critical issues
  • Facilitate consensus and buy-in for the project goal’s and execution strategies