Fort Jackson Child Development Center


USACE, Charleston District

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Fort Jackson, SC

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Value Engineering Study

The purpose of this project is to construct an Army standard design large‐size Child Development Center (CDC) at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  The design intends to provide administrative, instruction, and support functions to accommodate 338 children 6‐weeks to 5 years of age and 66 staff members for a total anticipated occupancy of 404.  Children spaces include an Infant/Pre‐Toddler/Toddler activity room, storage room, and toilet area.  The Pre‐School/Pre‐K/Kindergarten areas include an activity room, storage room, toilet area, buggy storage, and two active playrooms.  Outside play areas are provided for all age groups.  The administrative space planned for this facility includes staff offices, central storage, restroom facilities, kitchen area with dry storage, training room, staff lounge, laundry room, and mechanical/electrical/comm rooms. This new large‐size CDC will replace the current Scales Avenue CDC (Building 4581) which is outdated and delinquent in meeting Army Standard Design Criteria and fire/life safety code requirements that are paramount in ensuring safe and quality childcare.   

One factor that most influenced the workshop was the numerous challenges associated with the site selected to construct the new CDC at Fort Jackson.  The Value Team felt there would be great value in focusing effort on developing concepts and approaches to address several of the challenges associated with the current site.  The Value Team developed twenty creative concepts that provided a 10% savings to the project.

Two of the key recommendations resulting from this workshop include:

PS‐07 – Relocate CDC adjacent to Commissary – This concept focuses on constructing the new CDC on a different portion of the approved site that presents less challenges.

PS‐05 – Use Commissary parking lot and eliminate secondary lot in current design – This concept suggests that a portion of the adjacent Commissary parking lot could be used to support the new CDC and eliminate the planned secondary parking lot.  

For more detailed project information and results, please contact the SVS Project Manager directly

Cordell Kirk, CVS Team Leader and Project Manager CVS, PMP, RMP, CCM