The SVS Approach – Inspiring Better Solutions

The SVS strategy for creating value for our clients is simple and reliable and has been demonstrated to consistently deliver the “best value” solution for planning capital investments, launching start-up businesses, integrating mergers & acquisitions, and recovering distressed projects or enterprises. It’s all about getting the right resources, doing the right things right, i.e., bringing the people, processes, and tools together to develop and execute an integrated value improvement plan.

We start by assessing the client’s needs and assembling a capable cross-functional team of appropriate subject matter experts to study the value proposition.  Depending on the type of engagement, e.g., capital project or private equity portfolio company acquisition, a typical team composition would include industry professionals proficient in value engineering, financial analysis, project management, business process re-engineering, and organizational development.

Our team will then work inclusively and collaboratively with key stakeholders, employing the proprietary SVS Value Facilitation methodology and decision-making process. All enterprise functions and processes are systematically mapped and examined to determine their true worth and “should cost” expense. A facilitated brainstorming session identifies and prioritizes value improvement ideas, and an economic Pareto analysis of “best value” ideas is performed. Throughout this structured process, we proactively strive to optimize the realization of the client’s value proposition.

SVS has developed a highly efficient and effective approach to conducting Value Workshops that is distilled from our 30-years’ of experience and thousands of reviews on a wide range of project types.  This approach includes three integral components:

1. SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS. A multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts (SMEs) that are independent of the project development team.  This independent team ensures you are getting a fresh and unbiased perspective on your project, so significant issues do not get overlooked or dismissed. These SMEs will include design, construction, and operational expertise to ensure there is a holistic and comprehensive assessment of your project for the identification of potential issues that could alter or imped the successful outcome you desire.

2. WORKSHOP FORMAT. The review will be conducted in a workshop format. This ensures the team of SMEs are focused on your project and not distracted by other office activities or work priorities. This approach also increases the effectiveness of the review by ensuring there is direct interaction and synergy between the SMEs to build on and enhance the identification of issues and mitigating strategies. Using this synergistic approach will give you 10X the results over an independent study approach.

3. PROFESSIONAL FACILITATION. The catalyst that powers the three components discussed above is our highly experienced and trained professional facilitators. Our facilitators do more than passive facilitation of discussions; they are active team leaders that not only drive the workshop process but also direct the discussions. A unique qualification of our team leaders is that they all have engineering or other technical/scientific degrees and have spent their careers working on capital projects. Furthermore, most of our team leaders are registered professional engineers (PE) and hold other certifications such as certified value specialist (CVS®), risk management professional (PMI-RMP), project management professionals (PMI-PMP), LEED professionals, and more. With this technical capability and extensive project experience, our team leaders are able to not only engage in technical discussions with out SMEs but are able to lead those discussions to ensure the team addresses the issues that are critical to achieving your desired outcomes for the project.