USAFA Fairchild Library Renovation


United States Air Force

Project Location

US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO

Services Provided

Value Engineering Study

The purpose of this project is to modernize the McDermott Library to provide a 21st century learning environment which supports the US Air Force Academy’s (USAFA) mission and essence statements. The intent of this renovation effort is to develop a functional, integrated, sustainable, and future-ready library for cadets, faculty, staff, and the public, which promotes flexibility and interdisciplinary collaboration. A primary objective is for the McDermott Library to be the center of learning at the USAFA and to be fully supportive of all curricula to meet cadet academic needs as well as faculty research and teaching. 

Other primary objectives of this project are: (1) Functioning Research Library (2) Provide Study and Learning Opportunities for Cadets (3) House Outside Units – MHP, GSS, ASC, and (4) Reestablish and Highlight the Historic Properties of the McDermott Library.

One of the biggest challenges associated with this project is that the library must remain operational throughout all three phases of construction. Another challenge is that this project is being planned as three separate projects and three separate phases, which introduces potential for confusion as the project transitions from one phase to another phase.

The ideas selected for further development represented concepts that identified opportunities to improve the schedule through a revised phasing plan, reduce waste and dust by introducing the use of pre-manufactured wall systems, and reduce cost by reusing selected bookshelves where appropriate.

The Value Study resulted in identifying a revised phasing plan that was well received by the project stakeholders and provided an opportunity to reduce the overall project schedule by 10 months. 

For more detailed project information and results, please contact the SVS Project Manager directly

Cordell Kirk, CVS Team Leader and Project Manager CVS, PMP, RMP, CCM