Wheeler Aircraft Maintenance Hangar


USACE, Honolulu District

Project Location

Wheeler Army Airfield, Oahu, Hawaii

Services Provided

Value Engineering Study

The FY25 Aircraft Maintenance Hangar project will design and construct a medium sized standard design hangar for rotary wing aircraft at Wheeler Army Airfield (WAAF) in Oahu, Hawaii.  The project includes a seven-bay hangar building comprised of one three-bay module, one four-bay module, maintenance shops, administrative area, parts storage, Maintenance Company Headquarters, ground support equipment (GSE), and associated support items of equipment (ASIOE) covered storage.  In addition to the hangar this project includes the design and construction of a hazardous materials storage building and a POL (petroleum, oil, and lubricants) storage building.  Support facilities include site development, utilities and connections, lighting, paving, parking, walks, curbs and gutters, storm drainage, landscaping, and signage.

Three significant challenges faced the Value Team during this workshop.  First is this project is a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Centers of Standardization design for a medium standard design aircraft maintenance hangar for rotary wing aircraft.  The standard design requirements can often impact the creativity of the team.  Second is the geotechnical report not being completed for the workshop.  The absence of a completed geotechnical report forced the Value Team to make assumptions when developing creative concepts for improving the project. .  Third is the current working estimate for the project is 30% over the programmed amount.

Despite these challenges, our Team Leader led the Value Team in developing over two dozen creative concepts that delivered significant savings to the project..  These ideas ranged from cosmetic changes to the interior design to utilizing a more cost-effective solution for coating the structural steel members to endure the challenges associated with the island climate.

For more detailed project information and results, please contact the SVS Project Manager directly

Cordell Kirk, CVS Team Leader and Project Manager CVS, PMP, RMP, CCM